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Top Ten insults on Pakistani TV Talk Shows
Top Ten insults on Pakistani TV Talk Shows Top Ten insults on Pakistani TV Talk Shows On Friday I was guest on India's IBN7 Network that was co-hosting a discussion on India-Pakistan relations. The forum included four Pakistanis speaking on Dunya TV. What shocked me was the language used by the Pakistanis. On fella, a supposedly American educated host Wajahat Shah shouted at me, saying: "Kyaa tumm ney apni Maa ka Doodh piya hai?" (Were you weaned on your Mom's breast milk) Another fella kept screaming at me as if it was street brawl "Oye, O-aay, tu Canada bhaag gaya hai, bhagorey..." (You, o you , you ran away to Canada you runaway) Both then laughed, obviously gleeful at their brilliant intellect. Having been a reporter, producer and editor at PTV in the 1970s, I was amazed at the drop in standards in the public discourse. But then someone sent me this video clip of the top ten Pakistani TV fights and arguments, suggesting I was out of touch with the depravity that has encompassed the Land of the Pure since I left it in 1978. Here is the Top Ten clip of Pakistani insults on TV Please Subscribe to my Channel PakistaniEntertainment

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