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Skylanders Speed Drawing Challenge Part 1: TORTURED PARENTS draw ENIGMA, FLING KONG & FLIP WRECK !!
Welcome to a new series that we hope you love! SKYLANDERS SPEED DRAWING CHALLENGE! It's where we pick a few Skylanders to draw within a certain amount of time and YOU, yes YOU, get to vote in the comments section to tell us who wins each round! :) Mom & Dad drew some Wave 5 Skylanders Trap Team Characters! Flip Wreck, Fling Kong & Enigma. They started off with a 1 minute timer and then increased it to 1 minute and 30 seconds for the last two Skylanders! WHO WON? Flip Wreck: Mom or Dad? Fling Kong: Mom or Dad? Enigma: Mom or Dad? Next Up in this series will be Mike and Lex! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this! Our Last Five Vids: ►Glitter Bomb Shortcut: ►Grizzly Bunny Scare Cam: ►Kaos Easter Bunny Haul: ►Fighting Easter Bunnies Surprise Cam: ►Sky Kids paint Wave 4 Skylanders Trap Team Toys: ============================================ ►Our T-Shirts: ►Our music on iTunes: Please, Thumbs up & Subscribe! We appreciate it! :) We are a Family Channel dedicated to Skylanders! - The Skylander Boy and Girl Our Other Channels: FGTEEV FUNNEL VISION ================================== Wave 4 Skylanders Trap Team Videos: ►The Scalper Spies in Toys R Us: ►Super Slow Motion ENTIRE Wave 4 Epic Unboxing of Thunderbolt, Short Cut, Blackout, Spotlight & Echo: ►Skylanders Wave 4 EASTER Surprise Eggs: ►Unplanned Shopping Trip for Wave 4 Traps: ► Epic Unboxing of Rocky Roll: ► Grizzly Bear Scare Cam with Thunderbolt, Short Cut, Echo, Blackout, Spotlight & Rocky Roll: ►HUGE WAVE 4 Gameplay w/ MONSTER FOOD FIGHT: OTHER VIDS: ►Trouble Makers In Walmart! Easter Skylanders Finds + Lexi's New Bike & Amiibos?: ►The Cookie Monster ditched me in Brocks Arena! (Pet Vac and Legendary Bushwhack Gameplay: ► Skylanders Tic Tac Toe and FREE Real Life Conquertron Sky Stone!: ►Pet Vac Buddy Pack @ Walmart Hunting + Frozen Mystery Minis Blind Box Hunt! ►Legendary Bushwhack Skylander Trap Team Hunting #14: ►Crazy Gameplay of Nitro Head Rush with Mom & Dad: ►NITRO HEAD RUSH EPIC UNBOXING SKIT: ► Skylanders Trap Team Skystones Blind Boxes Opening: ►Our Skylanders Skystones Cereal Hunting Trip (Honey Nut Cheerios Bee raps too) (Trap Team Hunting part 12): ► Check out new Skylanders Trap Team news! Easter Bunny Earth Trap, Eggsellent Weeruptor & Power Punch Pet Vac: ►Hunting Part 10, ELITES!!: ►Skylanders Dance Party w/ Dad & Kids (all 46 songs): ►Check out Sky Mom's new painting custom jobl!!!!: ►Chick-Fil-A Cow Skit: ►Mike Lost the Undead Spooky Snake Trap! (Skylanders Shorts Episode 29): ►Check out our Bean Boozled Challenge: ►Skylanders Trap Team Crystal Tuff Luck Surprise Egg Opening w/ Undead Snake & Lucky Charms?!: ►Skylanders Shorts Ep. 28: High Five Unboxes Himself!!!: ►Most epic coloring book! Crayola Color Alive w/ Skylanders Trap Team Comes to Life w/ App: ►The Christmas Snake Traps Surprise: ►Kaos Christmas Jingle Bells Style Song: ►LIGHT Element Frozen Fever Rap Song: Skylander Girl Lexi, Skylander Boy Mike and Lightcore Chase! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music by

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