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Kassadin: From Beta to Season 6 - League of Legends
►Lee Sin Champion History Spotlight: ►►Lore Intro Made By Nero Wolf: ➥ Subscribe: ►Second Channel: ● Twitter: ● Facebook: ● Stream: ● Instagram: ►Outro Song: Background Music Tracks by Jredd: Additional Production (Background) Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: ►Video Clip Sources: Winter's Rift Kassadin: Top With Rammus: Christmas Kassadin Emotes: Kassadin vs Veigar: Kassadin Kill Compilation: Best of Kassadin: Dota Anti-Mage: Lore Intro: Xpeke: Kassadin Ranked Gameplay: Kassadin Commentary: Kassadin PentaKill: Kassadin Season 3 Commentary: Faker on Kassadin: Kassadin One Shot: Kassadin Visual Update: Kassadin Post-Rework Commentary: Kassadin S3 Commentary: Best of Kassadin S3: ✔ Video Credits: ● Produced By: Jeremy GC ● Written By: Jeremy GC ● Edited By: Ewcom

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