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April Fools! ARK: Survival Devolved! Plus 'Spotlight: Woolly Rhino, Eurypterid, & Dunkleosteus'
Today, April 1, we have drastically changed the direction of ARK: Survival Evolved -- rechristened ARK: Survival Devolved --, fully realizing our vision of creating the most realistic survival simulator ever where Dinos Ride Humans. So get in the game to saddle up and ride your favorite person! In other evolutionary news, we have added three new deadly creatures to the ARK! The unpredictable furry Woolly Rhino, the armored, deep-water Dunkleosteus, and the chitin-rich Eurypterid! These new critters introduce advanced ways to attack and defend, bulk up on armor, and to travel the deep seas with greater defenses than ever before.

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