traffic jam haha

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Traffic Jam at 4am haha

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Cornish Traffic jam

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Bit of a traffic jam haha!


Bus simulator 16: Eamon plays Episode 2. I avoided ...

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Episode 2 today guys. I drive with a route that was left there for me, its a small one, so i hope you enjoy it :) Link to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324.


Bobby - 가 (Go) is my jam in a traffic jam! [Rando...

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ตลายเครียดในระหว่างรถติดกับประเทศกรุงเทพที่รถแสนจะติด nothing else it was just me...


Morning ride timelapse traffic jam ( fast motorcycl...

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Nganter adik ke sekolah pagi pagi menggunakan timelapes....


Traffic Jam Lake / Artificial Lake(Reservoir) in Ge...

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Today me and my parents went to a lake. It's a water reservoir here in Germany but I translated it as traffic jam lake haha. Google translate said it's called artifcial ...


When You're Stuck In Traffic | Ranz and Niana

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so here's a video of us while we're stuck in traffic yesterday haha! we have no plan to film a video this just happened because we're really stuck in traffic and ...


*HD Extended Remake* British Traffic According To A...

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The previous video was a pathetic and pixilated tumblr rip. I ripped straight from his vines and Youtube and made a better version myself, with road rage and ...


LIMITS (On the Road Part 1)

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lol this was not to long ago we were on our way to a show when the train crossing decided to fail and cause a huge traffic jam haha so our Vocalist Erik brought it ...


Z800 Kawasaki - TUBE STRIKE in London Traffic Filte...

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Ride into Work Lucky I had a motorcycle hehe.


Traffic Jam in Kuala Lumpur

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heres where we got stuck in traffic in KL, a little bit diffrent than the UK haha.


Ayeed - in the car

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He woke up and realized that he's in the middle of traffic jam.haha.


Arthur does traffic ( vine )

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TWITTER: twitter.com/hash_tag_arthur VINE: https://vine.co/u/959510044221820928 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arthur-5.


The Way Back from The Hives who played in Bremen

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This is what people from Eenrum do when they get caught in a traffic jam haha!


Chinese New Year 2566/2015 in Pontianak | Tahun Bar...

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Hi, I've been living in Pontianak for 5 years. Here, Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration is always interesting. A sky full of fireworks during the new year's eve, ...


i-Gun Traffic Rampage (original)

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I Never knew traffic could change a person. i-gun does wonders for stress!!! special thanks to Vanilla breeze for such an awesome app.


7 Things To Do When Stuck In Traffic

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We're always stuck in traffic in Los Angeles.. Decided to make our time useful by creating a video haha. Thanks for watching! Merchandise ...



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EP 1 sees the girls from SketchShe arrive in Hollo City following a successful viral video! BECOME A SKETCHETEER: http://bit.ly/29hWPMG LIKE our Facebook: ...


Valentines Day Single Car Jam | Ranz and Niana

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So it's valentines day and im single haha! give this video a like share and subscribe for more! tag someone who's single! check out nianas channel for exclusive ...