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Dear viewers I Am Now Uploading [ Mountain Dew Living On The EDGE ] On Daily Basis So I hope That I will The First ( Aisha Mughal ) Who Will Upload The ...


Waqar zaka on fire ! Great message by zaka

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Waqar Zaka great show Part 33

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Best Audition Of A Boy Ever In Waqar Zaka Show 2016 Behoda Larki in Waqar Zaka Show 2016 Waqar Zaka is a Pakistani television host, VJ and stunt ...


Difference between Waqar Zaka and other Media celeb...

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Best use of Facebook LIVE.


Waqar Zaka Foundation work April 2017

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All alone , Waqar Zaka is helping humanity for last 15 years, Africa to Burma to Syria to Pakistan, Waqar with just his mobile cam use social media to help ...


1st ever 360 video of Shocking info about Great Wal...

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My father has so much knowledge which you all will enjoy, first ever 360 video of Great wall of china, just click on the video , rotate as you like to view 360.


VJ story Waqar Zaka part # 1

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Boys Hit On Waqar Zaka S Sister OMG See Waqar Zaka ...

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Are you interested in the current affairs and the happenings of India & Pakistan? Want to watch an unbiased view, with minute by minute updates of the current ...


Waqar Zaka Karachi Main VIP Culture Ka Shikaar | DO...

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Live_Debate #Do_Tok #Fawad_Anwer #News_Anchor #Waqar_Zaka #TV_Anchor #Dr_Moiz #Mind_Scientist #Alamgir_Khan #Mr_Fixit #Dr_Jamil #DIG_CIA ...


Etihad Airways Diamond Class (first class) Review b...

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As I selected New york to Karachi, Etihad Airways , Here is my take on Etihad Diamond , should you fly on this or not.


Insult of a Beautiful Girl Waqar Zaka Show Livi...

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Living On The Edge 2013 funniest girl audition 5 wa...

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Living on the Edge living on the edge 2014 living on the edge season 6 living on the edge season 5 living on the edge funny auditions living on the edge tv ...


Funniest Audition In Waqar Zaka Show

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DADDY COOL FUNNIEST AUDITION OF ANY REALITY SHOW IN THE WORLD:) Best Audition Of A Boy Ever In Waqar Zaka Show 2016 Website = Facebook ...


Waqar Zaka Great insult Must Watch & Subscribe

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Waqar Zaka is Totally A Drama Personality. & Sometimes he become crazy & Stupid as well. So we should have to realise him to avoid the stupidity.


Mountain Dew Pakistani Roadies-Living on the edge!!...

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Must Watch!!!!! :) Dumbness can't get better than this!!!!!!!!!!!! The Most Hilarious thing any one wud ever see!!!!


Great Information about CSS exams - Shared by Waqar...

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Great Information about CSS - Shared by Waqar Zaka's Friend - Very Informative video don't forget to subscribe to stay tuned with popular videos in future.


Waqar Zaka Foundation-YES WE GOT ADIL HIS LEG BACK ...

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Its a great feeling when without any TV channel support , you post something to get donation and achieve it.


Great Message By Waqar Zaka

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MUST WATCH , think about it Milad ki reality.


Waqar zaka winning Gold Medal from Dr. ABDUL QADEER...

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For last 10 years, Waqar Zaka helping humanity in different areas of Pakistan just using his mobile phone and social media, he got recongized after his charity ...


Waqar Zaka Beaten Up By Drunk Man Exclusive Video

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Waqar Zaka Beaten Up Exclusive Video Understood online networking identity and previous host of a reality indicate Waqar Zaka was mercilessly pummeled by ...