CUTE! Little Boy and His Dog

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Post Date: 9 years ago

A two year old boy and his dog Toby spend the day together, being friends. It's an amazing little video that highlites the bond between a boy and his dog.


Boy's Cute Reaction To His Crying Sister

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Cal is such a sweet brother soothing his little sister so she doesn't cry. He make her so happy!


Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!

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Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance! Click Here to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/10TNEL1 Click Here for the Full Article: http://bit.ly/22HnBpA.


The little boy wants to stay with Trump on stage, s...

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Trump Brings Little Boy on Stage in Wilkes-Barre - He Wants to Stay with Trump, so cute!


Little Boy Cries over Cute Puppy

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This little boy was already excited when his mom took him to the pet store; but as soon as a chihuahua puppy was placed into his arms, he was overwhelmed ...


Cute Little Boy Impressively Recites A To Z Bible V...

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Credits to owner: Taylor Hemness.


Cute Little Boy Finds An Injured Bird!

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Maverick found a bird in our yard that was unable to fly and fell in love with it! This went on for over 45 minutes so I took a few video clips and put them together.


#PPAP pen-pineapple apple-pen Cute little boy sings...

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Cute Little Boy Covers Brother in Flour

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When this adorable tot discovered a tub of flour, he couldn't resist the opportunity to play with it - and to entice his older brother to join as well. Original Link: ...


Cute little boy singing Flashlight with Jessie J

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I saw this video on Facebook and wanted to share with you . So cute.


Cute little boy lists all the bad words he knows

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Uncle is left with nephew and films him speaking all the bad words that the little boy knows.


Father and Cute Little son B Boy Dance Challenge Su...

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Cute Boy Loves the Toy Store

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Little boy is so overwhelmed by everything in the toy store that he exclaims "oh my goodness!" SUBSCRIBE: http://afv.tv/afvofficial Want a chance to be on AFV?


Cute Little Boy Singing Boom Boom Pow

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This little boy loves this song so i taped it aww so cute.


Little Boy Kiss Child Girl in Bus

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A brave cute boy accidentally kissing his beautiful best friend in bus while all are laughing. Its their first kiss in their entire life. Isn't it cute?


Cute little boy loves eating lemons

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My 2 year old nephew loves sour lemons.


Aarav cute little boy

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Cute little boy cries while holding puppy

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A young boy holds a puppy dog outdoors and cries. His mom asks him why hes crying and he says I love this dog. For all licensing inquiries please contact: ...


CUTE little boy singing a HARYANVI song

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Jaat ka chora song cover by a cute little desi boy. please give you review for a cute little desi boy.


Cute little boy dancing to classic man

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Song classic man by jidenna.